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Current projects

since january 2017

Land search

1. Founded Glasbjörk – Finding land spots to build luxury villas on. In cooperation with a famous Swedish architect firm.
2. I recommend land spots for high quality construction firms to build houses on (in the Stockholm area).

Aim: To create houses with higher standard in terms of health, environment and architecture.

Detailed blog info on what I’ve been doing (link is down for the moment).


Earlier projects

Below are some smaller projects before 2017.


An in-depth interview of me by Noorah Naker at the London Real Academy (year 2016).

Economics & Law

Harvard University law studies (certification fall 2016).

Master’s Degree in Economics, Lund University

United Nations internship, New York
United Nations (UNOPS) internship, 6 months in Copenhagen

Scholarships: 3 months in New York, 2 years in Jyväskylä (Finland), 2 months in India.

D-level essaySocial Capital and NGO Actions in India – The case of Selected Villages in Gulbarga.
C-level essayThe Effect of Growth on Environmental Decay . A study on the air, water, and forestry sectors in Indonesia.

Kapitel 6 och 7 i en rapport om Trängselskatten samt tillhörande kalibreringsmodell.

Accounting & Business Admin

Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Stockholm University.
Iterum‘s one-year course on accounting and bookkeeping (2012).

Kalkyl ekonomistyrning


Tectona – Teak-tree plantation and real estate construction in Panama.
Carpet Vista – Oriental carpets.
Bank To The Future – The world’s first crowdfunding investment bank.




Liljevalchs vårsalong 2010
I got this artwork in
Vikings by Stefan Loå

My books

Fantasy Art books

Web Design

I designed 31 pages for a new – the world’s largest archive and community
for Fantasy art & stories some years ago. (You may get access to the 31 Photoshop files by sending me an email.)


An eBay for creative services
20 design templates I created in Photoshop for the programmers to realise.


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