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Paul Bonner. I did one artwork to see if I could immediately reach his level, and better admit that I failed. He is a giant.

Take a look at his work below and I’ll suggest how he did it:

© Paul Bonner and Riotminds

Amazing, isn’t it? Just look at the water reflections, the limited number of colors used which adds to the balanced feel of the painting. The silent anticipation.

So, how did he create this painting?
I’d say that he got a lot of inspiration from his wanderings in the Nordic forests and by studying old Nordic classics like “Kalevala”. (Yes, I know some of his personal history.)

He puts on some rock music. Thinks about the communication he had with the Swedish guys at Riotminds – the ones who contracted him for the work. Then begins to draw the figures that’ll be in the painting.

He makes sure that the facial expressions and body language are perfectly synced. He gets into great detail in the drawing, to such an extent that he pretty much makes the entire painting in black and white.

Then he thinks that the fun begins as he starts to blend his water colors. Things run smoothly now. It usually does. Except sometimes when he feels like hurling the painting out the window. Without thinking too much he continues the coloring until it is finished.

So simple yet so difficult.

I figure that the most challening part of his work was to come up with the concepts and ideas, with how the figures should look like, body language and face expressions, and to get it all together in a seamless way. Once the drawing was finished the coloring followed easily and naturally.

This is a typical way to make professional fantasy art paintings. And what a fantastic result.

~Stefan Loå

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